Root Canal Treatment

Treatments Clean and Prevent Further Damage

If you are experiencing pain or swelling around a tooth, you may have nerve damage which needs to be repaired with root canal treatment. Seeking treatment as soon as possible will result in an easier procedure and improved healing times.

Signs you may need a root canal include:

  • An Increased Sensitivity to Heat or Cold
  • Swollen Gums
  • Pain When you Bite or Chew
  • Bad Taste in your Mouth

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

Root canal treatments (also known as endodontic therapy) are necessary when a cavity reaches through the tooth and infects the pulp, or if there is nerve damage to a tooth (usually from trauma). An infection in the pulp of your tooth can eat away at the surrounding tissue causing an abscess. Such infections are painful conditions which will not heal on their own.

There are instances, however, when there is no pain at all and the abscess is only discovered when you visit the dentist.

What to Expect from Your Root Canal Procedure

When receiving a root canal treatment from the Cosmetic Dentistry Centre we will go in and clean out the infected pulp from the root of your tooth. Once the tooth canal has been disinfected, the canal will be filled to prevent further infection. Practicing good oral hygiene after your procedure will help restore your tooth to normal function, including:

  • Helping it look natural when compared to your other teeth
  • Function well while chewing
  • Restore normal biting
  • Protect your other teeth from infection
  • Eliminate sensitivity to heat or cold

Root Canals Remove Infection and Pain

If you need a root canal choose the Cosmetic Dentistry Centre as your dental clinic. We take great pride in the care that our team provides, ensuring your appointments are as fast and pain free as possible. If you are experience any tooth related discomfort, call us at our clinic for an exam to determine the best course of action for your specific dental problem.

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